Theresienstadt – Danish Children in Nazi Captivity (2010)

Produced by DIIS

in cooperation with Minerva Film

Duration: 116 minutes

Filmed in Denmark


Turf War in No Man’s Land (2009)


Produced by Nordlys Film

Co-produced by Minerva Film

Duration: 67 minutes

Filmed in the Artic Ocean around The North Pole



On the way to Paradise (2007)

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Produced by Magic Hour Films

Duration: 58 minutes

Filmed in Denmark, Brazil and other places




Love and Broken Glass (2006)


Original titel: “Kærlighed og Smadret Glass”

produced by Nordlys Film

Duration 35 min

Filmed in Kyrgyzstan


About a young girls hope for love and an old woman’s shattered dreams, in a culture where

young girls of poor families are frequently kidnapped and married to strangers.  Read more >>


Kit Kruse’s Dance (2004)


Original title: Kit Kruse’s Dans

Produced by Dokumentargruppen MOMENT

Duration: 9 minutes, part of the series “Alderdom”




Land of Mist (2003)


The Widows of Shinyanga (2002)